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Facts Concerning Toenail And Fingernail Fungus

The medical term for the condition that we call nail fungus is onychomychosis. Toe nail fungus is actually a living organism that can live and survive off the keratin found on your toenails. The normal color is generally brown or yellowish. The general design of your toenails is such that it is normally hard to be penetrated by diseases so fungus and other infections are simply kept at bay from your toes and nails. This is fine in the majority of cases, but somewhat a detriment in the case of nail fungus. While the nail keeps things out, it also keeps things in once they penetrate. This is what happens with toenail fungus. It is difficult to get rid of after it penetrates the natural barrier of your nail.

How common is toenail and fingernail fungus?

It is estimate that between 10 and 13 percent of the population is generally infected by nail fungus of one kind or another.

What are the symptoms?

It may not be too difficult to determine the outward signs of infection of your toe nails with fungus even for the layman’s eyes. Your eyes can easily show when there is a challenge that needs to be addressed. The first tell tale sign is discoloration which is generally brown or yellow but may sometimes turn to green as well. The nail also appears flaky and thick and will look like there is something accumulating under it. There may not be any pain as a general rule but there are a few cases that are accompanied with some pain and there is likely to be some odor with toenail fungus too.

What is the treatment for nail fungus?

There are many treatment options available for the treatment of nail fungus so your doctor becomes the best well placed person to advice you on the needed prescription depending on the severity of your infection. The most severe cases of infection will automatically require some prescription mediation. Oral medications will treat your nail fungus from the inside out because they will be circulated throughout the body. Those topical treatments that are usually bought off the counter may not be too effective for the simple reason that the barrier of the nail itself prevents them from penetrating the nail bed, where the fungus thrives. zetaclear is the best fungal nail treatment that is available in the market right now. You should check online for more information on Zetaclear.

Can nail fungus be prevented?

It is very possible to keep nail fungus away from your body by being just a little vigilant in some small day to day activities. The simplest way it to keep your feet dry after taking a shower, visiting a swimming pool or doing any other activities that will get your feet wet.   Like all things living, toenail fungus needs water to thrive. If you are working out frequently or involving yourself in activity where your feet will sweat to a great extent, make sure you wear moisture wicking socks and change them often. For more information on nail fungus, you must visit https://topnailfungustreatment.com/zetaclear-reviews/

Your nails should also be kept trimmed but be careful not to cut them too short to expose the nail bed. Any small trauma or injury to the nail can easily provide a door way to your nail bed and fungus and other organisms can easily find their way into our body. So it is significant that you keep your feet as dry and clean as possible all the time. You also need to be careful not to share some things such as nail clippers and when you go to a salon just double check to ensure that they sterilize their equipment.

If you suspect that you have a toenail fungus infection, you should see your doctor or dermatologist. A simple test can reveal the presence of nail fungus. At that time, you can discuss treatment options like topical solutions, laser etc. Use of topical solutions like Zetaclear and EmoniNail is far cheaper than laser treatment. They are free from side effects unlike the laser Treatment. Treatment with EmoniNail is covered in this article.